The Empathy Engine® 2.0

A genuine superpower for consumer financial health.
The Empathy Engine® 2.0 is fast, easy to use and delivers financial insights efficiently so your Financial Institution can serve its customers better. Empower yourself with data to make your financial institution grow.

Human-centered AI at its best

Need to know exactly what each client is thinking? The Empathy Engine® blends machine learning, behavior analysis, generative AI, and just a little magic to create highly accurate, needs-based predictions about your customers. Our models boost marketing efforts to increase deposits, loans and supplementary products. The Empathy Engine® fills in the gaps of your data to give you the information you need to increase profit.

Genuine financial superpower

When data is run through the Empathy Engine®, it creates unique personas for each retail and small-business client at your financial institution. It connects their behaviors, strengths, potential, and needs to holistically understand them and creates paths to boost their financial lives, while creating insights and opportunities for you to improve your efficiency ratio. The best part is that it doesn’t even need any PII!

Authentic Intelligence

The Empathy Engine® is designed to incorporate human-centered design, behavior modification and empathetic decision making into banking models. It empowers bankers to operate on a needs-based sales structure rather than a predictive model, building contextual data personas to allow our clients to know their customers better.


This is the driver’s seat of the Empathy Engine®. Use this powerful tool to gain insights into your customers and find new opportunities.

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Powered by the Empathy Engine® and Generative AI.
Save on call center costs while gaining insight about what your customers' need!

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Minimal to no integration required!

The Empathy Engine® is designed with zero integration required. Our SDKs are lightweight and can be integrated into your applications in as quickly as 13 minutes.

1. Create a list - No PII required

We'll help you with requirements and formatting.

2. Send the list

Either using secure file transfer, or our direct integrations with your core provider.

3. Get your results

Data and insights are immediately available based on transaction histories. No waiting for insights to generate.

4. Track your ROI

See how your campaigns and efforts pay off instantly by viewing easy metrics.

It has never been more important for a financial institution to put the client first.
Banks, Credit Unions, and Fintechs need to:
Curate trust - Be reliable - Maintain authenticity