Revenue - Opportunities - Monetize

ROM uses our patented Empathy Engine® to gain a holistic view of a Financial Institution’s customers by analyzing financial, non-financial and intangible data to increase profits and efficiency.

Find hidden revenue

ROM helps you gain a deep understanding of your customers and your FI. With our data analysis, you can see how your customers are and are not using your products.  

By leveraging this information, you can discover new revenue streams to benefit both revenue growth and customers' financial well-being.

Designed by Bankers, FOR Bankers

Quick insights presented well: Single page results, pull lists and filter with ease, generate marketing lists and targeted campaigns in minutes.

Identify sales opportunities, view your competitive product landscape, all while improving your client’s financial well-being.

Run it when needed: Easy integration. No PII or core connection required.

Drive deposit and loan growth

Using our patented Empathy Engine®, ROM analyses financial, non-financial and intangible data to gain a holistic view of your customers. BOND.AI's ROM provides banks and credit unions with insights on how to:

Increase deposits

Increase loan and credit card sales

Find new products and optimize product portfolios

Optimize key FI performance indicators

Monetize data through insights

The ROM is powered by our patented Empathy Engine®, which is developed to incorporate human-centered design. It calibrates human behavior modification and decision making from data sets and identifies missing data to complete the model. 

It integrates into multiple banking platforms and cores to access missing data for complete data modeling. It empowers you to increase profit by operating on a sophisticated needs-based model rather than a traditional propensity model.

The Empathy Engine® ROM provides clear, easy to understand metrics to track your ROI including efficiency ratio, bank health score and consumer BOND Score, our proprietary metric for consumer financial health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What data is required to get my institution analyzed?

Our algorithms requires consumer transaction data (with usual transaction fields) and your financial institution's product catalog. View templates for products and customers.

Does the analysis require PII data?

No. We do not use any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data fields. Please refrain from including any such fields in the files you upload. Examples of PII are street address, email address, social security number, etc.

What happens to the uploaded data after the analysis report is ready? How do you take care of data security?

All the uploaded data is erased after the trial version report is ready. BOND.AI is SOC 2 compliant.